What you have here is a book that every author in the nutrition & fitness world *wishes* he wrote. I secretly kick myself for not having conceived the presentation of nutrition (and training) elements in a hierarchy of importance in the utterly elegant way that Eric has done it. The organization of the book is logical and perfectly paced. It begins with the necessary scientific framework and foundations that no one should skip before proceeding toward the finer programming elements. Meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the reader is not left with blind spots or head-scratching moments. The book is rich with examples and real-world scenarios to help crystalize the concepts and processes.

Having been ‘raised’ in the formal academic curriculum, I can confidently say that if this book was a required text, we would have a new generation of nutrition students and teachers armed with all of the necessary tools and skills to help themselves and others succeed in this realm. The content is incredibly thorough, but also very focused. No fluff, no gimmicks, nothing of borderline relevance. A nice touch is its diligence in referencing the scientific literature, as opposed to the common practice of making bold claims out of imagination and thin air.

Whether you’re beginning, intermediate, or advanced in your nutrition knowledge, you will benefit immeasurably from this book. Eric has taken all of his vast academic education and field experience with clients (and yes, himself), and pooled it together in a superbly written piece of work that will certainly become a classic. Enjoy every step of the journey!