To Muscle & Strength Pyramid / 3DMJ Team,

I can’t be thankful enough for the effort and knowledge you have all put into both Training and Nutrition books. This is what I have learned thus far after reading both books cover to cover:

The Nutrition Pyramid book helped me both physically and mentally towards achieving my goals as an intermediate lifter. For the first time in four years of diligent calorie tracking mixed with periods of intuitive eating, I have now found my precise maintenance calories with the help of the “Two Week Method” and the email course provided by Andy. Now, without depriving myself as I once was a very dichotomous thinker in my relationship towards nutrition, the tools provided in the book helped me set up a very prolific off-season in the gym and a current fat loss phase in hopes of the summer season. Having learned about what takes priority, being flexible, and patient takes this book to the next level an provides invaluable tools for someone who has been previously “spinning their wheels” (insert Alberto Nunez voice) with regards to the nutrition component as part of improving body composition and properly fueling training.

The Training Pyramid book goes beyond setting up a clever training regimen by explaining and offering tools to set up one’s own program to fit their goals. I was surprised to see the array of sample powerlifting/bodybuilding sample programs AND the knowledge necessary behind manipulating custom variables for hypertrophy, strength, power, deloads, mesocycle undulations, cardio recommendations and many more. One of the biggest take home messages of the book (and new to me) has been employing RPE based training versus 1RM% approach. After listening to Jeff Alberts lessons about “form>load” and reading Dr. Helms’ published research on the effectiveness of RPE training, I made one of the best decisions ever to leave my ego at the door and still push myself shy of failure given the prescribed RPE range. The reassurance of the program relying on scientific studies, experience, and knowledge from the 3DMJ team made me feel taken care of and reassured me that progress in the gym is not aimless and my effort will translate to something productive over years of meticulous, injury free training.

I have recommended this book set to everyone I know. I am looking forward to completing a full macrocycle with the knowledge I have in my hands.

Thank you so much for the hard work and effort towards all the content you have provided!