I have always been an active person and regular gym goer, but for your years my body looked exactly the same and I never saw any real progress. All I did was long, steady rate cardio. I was afraid to lift weights because at the time I was very uneducated and believed that it would make me bulky, so even during the times that I was thin my body still didn’t have any true shape or definition. I was the true definition of “skinny fat”. I was very unhappy with my body, and turned to the muscle and strength pyramid books when I decided that it was time to seriously pursue the bikini competitor body I’ve always wanted. I am still nowhere close to my goal, but these two books have made the biggest and most positive change in my life. The nutrition book is very comprehensive. I was able to break through a year long plateau after applying what I learned from the nutrition book to my diet, and the training book has helped me build up some sexy curves and truly transform my body. I recommend these two books to everyone who asks me what my big secret was, and so far every single one of those people I recommended these books to have also seen a drastic change in their body composition as well.