I want to apologize for my possible english mistakes, I’m brazilian so english is not my main language. Sorry if my testimonial is too big for the page, the thing is that I really wanted to send it to you guys because it really helped me in a lot of ways that I cant even describe, so i guess it may motivate you.

Getting these books was the best thing I could ever do to educate myself training and nutrition wise. I now know exactly what do to if my goal to cut and not lose pornographics amounts of muscle or to bulk without getting fat. I know now that it’s okay for me to go out and have fun with friends at a restaurant because I don’t have that “all or nothing” mentality anymore. And it’s due to that that my fitness life is not in a constantly fight with my social life anymore.

In short: my “gym life” became much more healthy in every aspect, which is pretty much the goal, isn’t it?