Hi guys, Lewis Hutcheson here. Firstly, I would like to say thanks for the knowledge that’s been passed to me through the E-Books. I’ve been in the bodybuilding game for 3 years now & at 21 years of age I feel there is plenty room for extra info as this is a never ending sport with continuous potential to learn.

In the past I have purchased meal plans/training plans etc etc & these are good for beginners but they are one size fits all. If you want to learn about your body how it works, the quantities of macros & how to adjust to suit YOUR needs then this is the place to find it. It gives you a great understanding of how food impacts your body and training & is the foundation to mastering the art of tracking macros.

I purchased the E-Books at the beginning of my cut on 28/02/2016 and am currently just over 4 weeks through my diet. I do not feel tired, lethargic or fatigued at all yet & am making great progress in regards to my fat loss. Obviously the diet will get tougher as the weeks go on but this has been my first attempt at designing my own prep & I couldn’t of done it without these books. This time last year I had cut too fast was feeling mood swings, exhaustion & feeling flat all the time, as I didn’t fully understand how to manipulate your food to get the best results from your food intake.

I highly recommend these books to anyone who is willing to take their diet/training to the next step in preparation for a show/event or even just to feel better about yourself. I cannot stress enough the importance of tracking food & correct cardio & weight training sessions. Thanks again guys.