The Pyramid Book is the best investment I have ever made in my fitness career, it is worth far more than $67. I have invested in many ebooks (that cost way more than $67) and nothing compares. I learned more about how to structure training and nutrition for powerlifting and the average joe than I did in my first two years of my kinesiology degree. The beauty of the pyramid books is that it takes research and shows you how to apply knowledge to your own experience. You don’t learn that in school!

I have implemented the training and nutrition pyramid into my program to help me prepare for my powerlifting meet in June. I can so far say that my squat has gone up around 40lbs (190lbs to 232.5lbs) and deadlift has gone up 40lbs (292.5 lbs to 330lbs) while trying to lose weight to go down a weight class since February! I started powerlifting in July 2015 at the age of 19, I thought I was near my full potential in January… The pyramid books really saved me time from doing dumb things and helped me achieve fast results. One of the craziest things prepping for my meet is that I am eating more calories while improving strength and slowly losing weight.

In June, I would like to share with you guys my end result of utilizing these pyramid books for about 3 months. I will do this by comparing my January powerlifting meet to my June powerlifting meet.

Thanks for making these amazing and affordable books! I constantly recommend these books to my kinesiology colleagues but they all refuse to read 300 pages… Yet they are willing to spend hours reaching chunky cookie cutter personal training textbooks that do not help them train individuals.