I had been training for over 20 years without ever coming close to the goals I set myself to achieve. It wasn’t lack of effort, as I trained longer, harder and more intensely than anyone around me… it was a lack of knowledge.

Andy’s website (rippedbody.jp); the 3DMJ youtube channel and finally the Muscle and Strength pyramid books literally changed my life. The sheer volume of tried, tested and proven information from this team showed me without a shadow of a doubt that I had been doing nothing more than spinning my wheels for 20 years.

After applying the all the information, (which was ridiculously easy to set up), I am eating more than ever before, enjoying my training more than ever before and most importantly, getting phenomenal results. I have dropped from 103kg with 99cm waist to 87kg with a 79cm waist and for the first time in my life I have a definitive six pack, the early stages of vascularity and I’m stronger than ever (my leg press has gone from 230kg x 5 to 420kg x 5).

Do yourself a favour, get on Andys website, get on the 3DMJ youtube channel and above all else… Get The Muscle & Strength Pyramid books! It will change your life forever.