I love all of the content by 3DMJ and this is no exception. I’ve been lifting for 11 years, made some gains, but unfortunately wasn’t making the progress I wanted. My bulks were out of control and the only information I could find about cutting was “don’t eat carbs.” I basically had an eating disorder where I’d eat perfectly “healthy” and then “mess up” and binge like a demon.

After slowly coming into flexible dieting on YouTube and doing my own research, these guys break it down so absurdly clearly you can’t not understand. You get better info than most personal trainers and these guys give you hope about what is possible naturally. They are all JACKED. The training is good but the nutrition info is better than Harry Potter. I repeat. I went to every midnight book release and this is better.

If you don’t have 67 dollars I don’t care: prostitute yourself, go over your credit limit, and steal from your grandma because everyone knows $67 is nothing since gains are priceless.